How We Accomplish Our Mission

 The arts have long been proven to be a positive and healthy form of expression regardless of age, gender, and socio-economic background. Through our photography program Operation TheraPic, Lone Warriors' goal is to help provide another form of healing to our US Armed Forces Veterans suffering from not only internal scars such as PTSD, moral injury, or transition anxiety but also the physical scars left behind due to their experiences while serving our country. As a way to encourage Veterans to participate regularly in photography and hopefully provide another form of therapeutic healing, Lone Warriors introduces a new discussion topic each week that encompasses a variety of options to help give some out of the box ideas as well as experiment with different photography techniques.  We do our best to ensure that all topics can be taken with any type of equipment ranging from a cell phone all the way to a basic or high end SLR camera. Veterans of all skill levels, as well as their family members, regularly participate and share photographs to our social media pages.  As with any form of art, it’s not about the type or cost of the equipment or even the quality of the picture. It’s about what the picture represents to the one taking it. We also share tips from professional photographers that can be used to assist in furthering one's photography skillset and ideas.  Those who participate in our program are encouraged to take pictures often as well as regularly share the experiences they capture throughout their day to day journey so that we can appreciate the world through the eyes of a warrior.

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Lone Warriors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by an all-volunteer staff.  For further information or assistance in making a donation please contact us at  |  Lone Warriors P.O. Box 413 Helena, AL 35080