Lone Warriors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by an all-volunteer staff.  For further information or assistance in making a donation please contact us at info@lonewarriors.org  |  Lone Warriors P.O. Box 413 Helena, AL 35080

Our Story

Lone Warriors, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Helena, AL that is managed and run by an all volunteer force with a passion for supporting our Veterans and their families.  Eric Fort, a United States Marine Corps Veteran and Gold Star Family member, founded the organization in 2015 with the focus of providing quality of life improvements for US Armed Forces Veterans. 

 In early 2016 Lone Warriors, Inc. saw the need to do more and launched Operation TheraPic,  a simple program with a critical mission - to utilize photography as additional means of healthy and positive therapeutic healing outside of but complimenting that of the traditional clinical therapy or support group settings for our US Armed Forces Veterans.  The program is focused around those that are battling with visible scars and injuries as well as the invisible scars such as PTS, moral injury, TBI, or transition anxiety that are a direct result of their military service.  As a way to encourage Veterans to participate regularly in photography and hopefully provide another form of therapeutic healing, Lone Warriors created a Photo-A-Day Challenge that encompasses a variety of options to help give some out of the box ideas as well as experiment with different photography techniques.  We ensure that all topics can be taken with any type of equipment ranging from a cell phone all the way to a basic or high end SLR camera. Veterans of all skill levels, as well as their family members, regularly participate and share photographs to our social media pages.  As with any form of art, it’s not about the type or cost of the equipment or even the quality of the picture. It’s about what the picture represents to the one taking it.