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  Monthly Topics & Discussions

Good morning everyone! Week 3 of the November Photo-A-Day Challenge/Give-away Contest is in the books. Our participants continue to bring some very creative and amazing photos. Keep up the great work!

Since this will likely be our final contest of 2020 we decided to make things a bit more challenging for the contest. Rather than post the entire month's topics like we typically do, this month's challenges will be posted each Sunday morning covering the next 7 days. Topics are a little more challenging this month as we are really pushing the creativity of our participants. Based on everything we saw in the last competition I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. And you will truly enjoy seeing the world through their eyes.  Happy shooting everyone.

1. You must be a United States Armed Forces Veteran that his been honorably discharged from service or still actively serving.
2. Provide us with a legible copy of your DD214 or current Orders to ensure you qualify for program participation (All submissions should be sent to info@lonewarriors.org, preferably

    in PDF form. You can also email us with any questions you may have.)
3. Follow the November Photo-A-day Challenge daily topics
4. Each participant submission will receive one point for submitting a picture for that day’s Photo-A-Day topic. You will only receive one point per daily topic regardless of the number

    of pictures that are submitted.
5. Each day’s Photo-A-Day picture must be submitted within 24 hours of the respective day in order to receive a point for that day.
6. BONUS POINTS: Bonus points will be accrued for submitting photos for every day’s challenge that week as well as having your photo voted on during MotoSarge’s weekly YouTube

    update. Our very own Justin Dale, aka MotoSarge, does an amazing job promoting Lone Warriors and Operation TheraPic through his YouTube channel MOTOSARGE so we thought

    this would be a great way to get some additional “People’s Choice” points!

Click on the link below to find out more about this month's updates and status of our Give-Away Challenge as well as see some of the images being shared by our participating Veterans!