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Our November Photo-A-Day Challenge and Contest Giveaway are in the books. This month has had some extremely creative and top notch pictures shared by all of our participants. We will be tallying the points and announcing the winner very soon so stay tuned for more...excited to get that Canon T7 camera kit into the hands of a deserving US Armed Forces Veteran!

Typically in the past we have posted the topics for the Photo-A-Day Challenge a month at a time. After surveying our participants in our private group Operation TheraPic Platoon, we have decided to change it to a weekly post. In true holiday fashion there will also be some "surprise" challenges called Nott Shots in honor of one of the participants who made an outstanding challenge recommendation.

Stay safe and happy shooting everyone!

Click on the link below to find out more about this month's updates and status of our Give-Away Challenge as well as see some of the images being shared by our participating Veterans!