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  Weekly Topics & Discussions

For the week of 12 January 2020

In continuing with our theme on getting back to the basics, as you may have read in the article we shared last week, exposure is one of the five key elements as it relates to photography. Over the next few weeks will be discussing and sharing each one of the components that helps to make up the Exposure Triangle. To start it off let’s begin by discussing aperture. There are many articles and videos written on this topic so we aren’t going to reinvent the wheel however we will share a link from Hillary Grigonis article Beginner’s Guide to Photography. Craig Hull wrote a very detailed and informative piece called How to Understand Aperture in 5 Simple Steps.  I highly encourage to take the time to read the article so you can better understand this week’s discussion and pictures.

How to Understand Aperture in 5 Simple Steps  by Craig Hull